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Amended Law 8.2a effective immediately

Amended Law 8.2a effective immediately

David Stowe13 May 2020 - 11:01
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World Rugby has taken a decision to change the law regarding when a try is scored by no longer allowing tries to be scored against the post protector.

World Rugby’s mission is to make the game as simple, safe and enjoyable to play as possible. This law amendment reflects that mission. By stipulating that an attacking team can no longer score against the post protector and therefore must ground the ball
- Sir Bill Beaumont, Chairman of World Rugby

With defending players currently legally obliged to stay behind the goal-line and post-protector shape and size increasing for welfare reasons, it is increasingly difficult for teams to legally defend this area.

In some extreme cases, post protectors have been lifted or moved by defending teams, leaving the posts exposed and therefore increasing the risk of injury.

As such the post protector is now no longer an extension of the goal-line.

Law 8.2a now states:
A try is scored when the attacking player is first to ground the ball in the opponents’ in-goal.

In effect, during play, if the ball makes contact with the post protector without being in contact with the ground on or behind the goal-line then play will continue in the usual manner unless the referee deems it unsafe to do so.

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