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Vets tour to Seville

Vets tour to Seville

Nicky Small10 Jun - 21:13
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Game 1

In the shadow of the Estadio Jesus Navas Stadium at Savilla FC on a slightly cooler day at 21 degrees, KCRFC kicked off their first game versus UAS Perores Padres. Maitena, Sevilla.

Starting line up
1. A. Mills
2. P. Blackmore
3. A. Tromans
4. G. Iacono C
5. M. Bennett
6. T. Maher
7. R. Sollom
8. A. Baldwin
9. C. Pinner
10. A. McLellan
11. D. Betson
12. J. Lloyd Jones
13. R. Slater
14. A. Neri
15. J. Harding

And the business part of the tour is underway.

KCRFC putting together some great phase play moving forward into the Savilla half, a crash ball by Benny has Savilla on the back foot. Accurate distribution by Pinner to the back line sees a well executed move finished off by Andy Mac and Russ Slater for the first score of the tour.

The pattern of play continued with Balders hitting the Savilla defensive line like a freight train.

KCRFC awarded a penalty 5 meters out which R Sollom ran over following some accurate passing to make the score 10 - 0

The team continued putting together some clinical phase play in attack combined with solid defensive tackling.

Savilla, strong at the breakdown, tackling well and reward with a number of turnovers. Giovanni matched this strength with a solid tackle of his own to stop a promising Sevilla attack progressing any further.

Andy Mac for a KCRFC penalty just inside KCRFC 22 found touch deep in the Savilla half, a scrum soon followed and from the base Pinner distributed to Andy Mac onto Harding running a great line at pace to Neri to cross the try line for the third score of the first half 15 - 0.

Second Half
Few changes to the team to bring on the finishers from the bench. C. Whitehead, N. Small, M. Bingham, C. McCarthy, J. Nicklin and I. Burgess took took to the field.

The Savilla forwards started the half carrying well, met by a solid defensive effort by KCRFC. James Lloyd Jones made a solid tackle which spilled the ball forward, unfortunately KCRFC were unable to capitalise and the ball went into touch.

The half continued back and forth between both sides until KC were awarded a scrum following a Savilla knock on. Pinner again with pinpoint accuracy found James Lloyd Jones who found Andy Mac who broke the line making a great run, making the final pass to A Neri to finish off 20 - 0 to KCRFC final score.

Still unbeaten in Europe and onto the next one.

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