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Vets tour to Seville

Vets tour to Seville

Nicky Small10 Jun - 21:19
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Game 3

Final game of the day, cloud cleared, bright sunshine and a cool 29 degrees to face Allegri De Valpo Old, of Verona, Italy.

Starting Line Up
1. J. Nicklin
2. A.Tromans
3. N. Small
4. G. Iacono
5. C. McCarthy
6. T. Maher
7. R. Sollom
8. A. Baldwin
9. C. Pinner
10. A. McLellan
11. A. Neri
12. J. Lloyd Jones
13. R. Slater
14. D. Betson
15. J. Harding

KCRFC kick off, Verona with some big forwards play multiple phases through the pack slowly moving it up the field.

KC from turnover ball at the breakdown distribute through Pinner to Nathan Small off loading to J Lloyd Jones for KC’s first score 5 - 0.

KC restart and continue with solid defensive tackling which is a trade mark for the team last game.

Line out awarded to Verona which KC’s won, again well constructed phase play from the KC team saw Tom Mayer break the Verona line off loading to C Pinner to run in KC’s second. 10 - 0

KC’s played most of the first half in Verona’s half of the field keeping them penned in and unable to put together a constructive attack against a solid wall of Amber and Black.
Half time 10 - 0

Half time again saw fresh legs bought on C Whitehead, L Goodwin, A Mills and P Blackmore took to the field.

The game continued to ebb and flow back and forth between each sides 22 in large part due to the solid defence of Verona.

Free kick awarded to KC with Andy Mac finding touch to move KC’s up the field.

Another backs move involving all the back line took shape through some accurate passing through Pinner, to R Sollom onto T Maher then D Betson onto A Neri to finish off a skilful passage of play 15 - 0

Score remains unchanged through to the final whistle which was a great result in the Sevilla heat.

Across the three games played today KC’s kept a clean sheet not conceding which is testimony to their solid defence.

A massive thank you to the travelling support who came along for the tour.

Also thank you to Spencer at Bell Plumbing for their sponsorship of KCRFC your support is truly appreciated by all the team.

KCRFC still unbeaten in Europe, onto the next.

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